Dryer vent cleaning, dryer duct cleaning, dryer exhaust cleaning in Henderson. Our dryer vent cleanings remove the buildup of lint, and other debris in your dryer vent which slips past the lint trap in your dryer. This clogging debris can shorten your dryers lifespan due to excessive heat buildup, extend clothes drying times (costing you money) and may cause a dryer fire. Has your dryer begun taking longer to dry your clothes? Does it take 2 cycles to dry your loads? You may need a professional dryer vent cleaning from the Henderson Dryer Vent Cleaning Specialists, HENDERSON AIR DUCT. Dryer vents clogged with debris suffer from a reduction in airflow that causes your dryer to not operate at maximum efficiency. Inefficient dryers use more energy and cost more money to operate. A professional dryer vent cleaning will help you save money!


NADCA Certified